Medication Management

Jessica Adams MSN, PMHNP-BC

Jessica Adams style is collaborative, direct, and nonjudgmental, emphasizing authentic therapeutic connection and individual resilience, autonomy, and recovery. She has experience in and enjoys working with a diverse group of people and disorders, including anxiety, depression, psychosis, bipolar illness, ADHD and other mood disorders. Her focus is also on providing holistic care in way of promoting physical, mental, and emotional health.

As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, she provides supportive therapy as well as manages and prescribes medications. Medications can be a sensitive topic. Her goal is to create a safe place and offer a balanced perspective to support her patients in making an informed decision about their care. 

Sarah Faber MS, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Sarah M. Faber’s educational background includes a B.A. in French Language and Literature from Agnes Scott College, a B.S.N. from Sentara College of Health Sciences, and a M.S. in Nursing – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from Virginia Commonwealth University. Sarah worked for several years as a French teacher before becoming a nurse and finding a passion for psychiatry while working on the inpatient behavioral health units at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Sarah is committed to providing compassionate, empowering, and culturally-sensitive care to patients of all ages, including members of the LGBTQ community. Primarily, she provides medication management to her patients, with supportive therapy as a secondary focus. Building on her experience as a teacher, educating patients on a multi-faceted, holistic approach to mental wellness is an important part of her practice. Sarah’s commitment to education continues in her service as adjunct clinical faculty with Sentara College of Health Sciences and as affiliate faculty with Virginia Commonwealth University, for which she typically trains one psychiatric nurse practitioner master’s level student a semester. 

An accurate diagnosis is crucial to achieving successful outcomes for patients. The main objective of a new patient appointment is the diagnostic interview, for which 60 minutes is allotted. Because Sarah places a priority on deeply understanding her patients’ symptoms, and providing them with the best care possible, patients who arrive more than ten minutes late to new patient appointments will be rescheduled for a time when they can receive the full care they deserve.   

Gayle Young RN

Gayle R. Young, RN-C has over 35 years’ experience in the field of psychiatric inpatient and outpatient nursing. She has dedicated the last 20 years working with adolescents, children and adults in outpatient mental health facilities. Gayle is a strong proponent of patient education and helping patients better understand their situation and incorporate the best approach in coping with problems, be it medication, therapy or a combination of both.

Gayle has a special interest in psychopharmacology and advanced treatment options, including genetic testing to aid in the determination of appropriate medication for the patient. She currently works with adolescents, college students and adults who are coping with a wide variety of problems, such as depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and panic disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and substance abuse.

Veronica Barnes DNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC

Dr. Veronica Charity Barnes is an advanced practice nurse in the state of Virginia.  Dr. Barnes received her undergraduate degree from Hampton University, Family Nurse Practitioner from South University, Psychiatric Mental Health and Doctorate from Shenandoah University. She provides behavioral health services to include anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar and supportive therapy to name a few.  Dr. Barnes is dually board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  She uses her knowledge as a Family and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner to implement holistic care for her patients maintaining stability and wellbeing from ages 13 to adults.

Jennifer Morrison PA-C

Jennifer Morrison has been a certified Physician Assistant since 2003 and has over 17 years of experience in psychiatry in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient treatment. She also worked for two years in General Pediatrics. She received her Honors Bachelor of Arts from University of Delaware and Masters of Physician Assistant studies from DeSales University.

Her love for psychology started in college and minored in Psychology while at University of Delaware. In addition to her work at Coastal Medical and Psychiatric Services, Jennifer volunteers at Lackey Clinic in Yorktown providing psychiatric services to their patients. Jennifer primarily provides medication management to her patients and uses her knowledge from a general practice education to treat the whole patient. She has experience treating patients of all ages, but specializes in the treatment of children and young adults.

Bryant Parson PMHNP

Bryant is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, practicing since 2017. He started in healthcare in 2000 as an EMT-Paramedic and has since worked as a bedside nurse in three countries and multiple states across the US. He went on to receive his Master in Science in Nursing from Sonoma State University and a post-graduate qualification from the University of Cincinnati. He has worked in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Psychiatric Medicine. Bryant has a passion for delivering patient-centered, quality mental healthcare no matter where a patient may be located. In his free time, he can almost always be found in or on the water.

He has virtual visit availability Fridays through Mondays for extended hours.

“Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but, importantly, you are not the rain.” –Matt Haig

Krista Grimmett PA-C, CAQ-Psych

Krista Grimmett is a certified Physician Assistant, who provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management for pediatrics, adolescents, and adults. She graduated from University of Maryland/Baltimore PA program, and has also earned her CAQ in Psychiatry. Krista is a registered Cannabis practitioner and is licensed through the America Society of Addiction Medicine to treat Opioid Dependence, with experience in treating Narcotic Addiction.

As a twenty-year Veteran of the United States Coast Guard, Krista specializes in treating those who have served in the military and are suffering from PTSD, as well as anyone who has been a victim of past trauma.

“My main priority is to provide a laid back, comfortable environment, and allow for the patient to be proactive in his/her treatment and decision-making.

Liliana Kim DNP, PMHNP-BC, FNP-C

Dr. Liliana Kim is a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner providing care to patients in Virginia. Dr. Kim started her career as a critical care nurse in multiple, complex healthcare environments such as Neonatal ICU, Cardiac ICU, and General ICU. After earning her Doctorate degree in Family Nursing Practice at the Medical University of South Carolina, she participated in two major clinical research studies, that were part of the Operation Warp Speed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Kim treats individuals with various psychiatric conditions, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, insomnia, ADHD, and trauma-related disorders. Her diverse professional background equipped her to approach each patient in a holistic, caring, and nonjudgmental manner, where each treatment plan is focused on integrative care tailored to the individual needs of her patients.

Katrina Samborski RN, PMHNP Student

Bio coming soon!

Seania Murphy RN, PMHNP Student

Bio coming soon!


Kathryn Persons, LCSW

Hello! Congratulations, you’re already on your way toward a better you. Seeking out help can be difficult, especially when there are so many options, but I’m glad you found me. My name is Kathryn Persons. I am a LCSW certified therapist seasoned over 25 years in the practice of life-improvement. I am a results-based, solutions-based therapist. Bring me your troubles, and I’ll bring you a plan. Therapy, like many other skills, takes time and experience to master. Consider this: Why hire a personal trainer when you could watch instructional YouTube videos? Why seek out therapy?

The answer is your time is valuable, and can be saved by entrusting it in the hands of the professional who can use their skills to personally benefit your unique problems. I bring to sessions actionable plans and skills that you can use, immediately, to change your life, now.

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a mindfulness based approach, and specialize in many issues. In my own free time I am always seeking out scientific developments to update my methods. I genuinely enjoy this field. I care about you! I look forward to hearing from you! 

Valerie Lauzon, LCSW

Valerie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Registered Play Therapist with expertise working with children and their families. She has more than two decades of experience working with children and their families. Her specialties include Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, anger management, ADD/ADHD, behavioral problems, depression, grief and trauma, family difficulties, self-esteem, divorce/family dissolution and school related problems. To find out more about Play Therapy please go to

Michael McLane, LPC

One of the goals of therapy is to help individuals lead and experience life as fully as possible. Unfortunately, stress, depression, anxiety, and other difficult emotions can get in the way of living well. My hope is to build a working relationship with each client and facilitate deeper insight, create new experiences, and develop more effective ways of coping. For nearly 20 years, I have worked in a variety of settings, including an adult crisis stabilization unit, a residential treatment facility, several outpatient clinics, several school counseling centers, and at a private mental health agency providing individual and family counseling.

No matter the setting, I have been able to meet the unique needs of my clients. My experience and education has allowed me to assist individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, sadness, grief, and the challenges of life! I utilize my knowledge of CBT, DBT and Mindfulness Based Practices to devise a plan for each client. I believe in the importance of session work, but also feel that growth comes from a individuals participation in between sessions. At this time, I am only accepting adult clients.

Kimberly Goodwin, LPC

Kim Goodwin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed School Counselor. She has worked as the Director of a Community Mental Health Agency for 8 years and as a School Counselor for 8 years.  Kim brings over 16 years of mental health experience both with adults and children.  Her specialty areas include, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, stage of life issues, health and wellness, Parenting, ADHD and ODD.   Kim also provides Christian counseling for those wanting a more faith-based approach.  Kim will work with you and any other providers to ensure you get the best quality care.  Kim believes that physical and mental health go hand.  As a certified exercise specialist Kim believes that physical health impacts mental health and visa versa.  For this reason, Kim takes a holistic approach to therapy.    Kim typically sees clients age 12 and older and loves helping people become more resilient and achieve their goals. Kim’s philosophy is that you are not weak because you go to therapy.  You are strong because you recognize that something needs to change. You are making an investment in the most important person…YOU!

Melissa Doyle, LPC

We all go through difficult seasons in life and it is not uncommon to find ourselves struggling with symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, mood disturbances, substance abuse, relational conflicts, difficulties with stress management or work-life balance, and/or past traumas that negatively influence the way we view ourselves and the world. Perhaps you believe that because you have struggled so long, that your situation is now impossible to change; or perhaps you believe that your struggle is insignificant in comparison to others and you don’t even know what you would talk about during a 45-minute session. The good news is wherever you fall along the spectrum, therapy can help!

As your therapist, I am committed to being a supportive and compassionate listener – utilizing genuine connection, a healthy dose of humor, and a safe space to assist you in beginning to process your thoughts and feelings. It would be my greatest honor to walk beside you on your journey with the ultimate goal of clarifying what matters most to you and helping you to set achievable goals that move you toward what is meaningful for you.

Previously, I have worked as a community-based counselor and gained experience in helping to resolve a variety of social, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, academic, and familial issues. These included symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, adjustment/transition, ADHD, impulse control, Bipolar disorder and other mood disturbances, relational concerns, and trauma. I specialize in the use of evidence-based treatments and utilize a holistic and integrative approach that includes elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, Psychoeducation, and Mindfulness. I am currently working as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I am available for afternoon and evening appointments, working with all ages for Individual therapy, Couples therapy, and Family therapy.

Courtney Brookman, LPC-R

I believe that counseling should be a dynamic and collaborative process that focuses on meeting your individual needs and that honors you as a fellow human being.

I work primarily from a developmental and trauma-informative perspective. It is healthy for us to continue to change and grow throughout our lives. With intention and care, we can move closer to being the person we know we are at our core. Being “stuck”–whether in a cycle of anxiety or depression, a bad relationship, or in the impact of past trauma–is the source of most of what we call psychopathology. My role as your therapist is to help you identify barriers to your growth and to help you develop the tools you need to confidently step into the next phase of your life. Therapy is a safe place to sort through the issues that keep you from thriving and to receive the support you deserve to do so.

My areas of clinical focus are anxiety, depression, life transitions, LGBTQ+ issues, and both complex and single-incident trauma. I am trained in EMDR and offer this as a treatment modality if we both feel it is the best method to address your symptoms. I have a Bachelor’s degree from William and Mary in English Literature, as well as a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regent University. I am also a RYT-200 yoga teacher, I love horses and dogs, and I’ve never met a houseplant I can’t make room for.

Erin Rissling Matthews, LCSW

Erin is a Virginia Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Throughout her career, she has helped clients make lasting improvements in the areas of trauma, stress management, anxiety, and depression. Erin is also experienced in working with individuals with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder.

Erin uses an integrative and person-centered approach, utilizing various modalities that include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

It can be difficult to take the first step toward a happier and more fulfilling life. This is why Erin emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion in both her professional and personal life. This care results in specialized treatment plans for each of her clients’ unique and specific needs in an effort to provide them with the best outcome possible.

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